Advanced Topics in AI for Computing and Networking (Summer 2023)


Workload/ECTS Credits: 5 ECTS
Module: M.Inf.1123
Lecturer: Prof. Xiaoming Fu; Dr. Tingting Yuan; Wenfang Wu;
Teaching assistant: [NA]
Time: Thursday 14:00-16:00


Please contact me by email: if you have any questions.

Course Overview

The purpose of this seminar is to discuss some advanced topics in computer networks. This course is a theory-oriented research seminar (5 ECTS, 2 SWS), held on a weekly base and comprises the following components:

  • Weekly Presentation + Weekly Paper Reading and Discussion 40%
  • Final Presentation 30%
  • Final Report 30%

The material in the seminar is mainly drawn from the research literature in top journals/conferences, like ToN,TMC, TPDS, SIGCOMM, SIGMETRICS, INFOCOM, MOBICOM, MOBIHOC, WWW, CoNEXT.


  • Each participant is required to read the assigned paper before the seminar and prepare the review of the paper, which should include the following parts:
    • Summary of the paper
    • Pros and cons of the paper (your conclusion)
    • NOTE!! Every participant should provide the paper review BEFORE the seminar (23:59 on Wedesday). => the review form is available at [Paper_Review_Form_ATCN_WS201112.doc]
  • During each weekly seminar, one participant is assigned for presenting the paper (each presentation lasts for ~20 minutes) and the list of pros and cons are discussed by all the participants.
  • In the middle of the semester, everyone is requested to prepare:
    • Final report: Essay (5~6 pages, double columns, IEEE format) for your chosen research topic, which contains a comprehensive literature survey + a detailed discussion of some key enabling technologies
    • Final presentation: each presentation lasts for ~20 minutes, plus ~10 minutes Q&A

List of Papers

1. Cosmo: Contrastive Fusion Learning with Small Data for Multimodal Human Activity Recognition [1]

2. Learning for Crowdsourcing: Online Dispatch for Video Analytics with Guarantee [2]

3. CASVA: Configuration-Adaptive Streaming for Live Video Analytics [3]

4. Batch Adaptative Streaming for Video Analytics [4]

5. FlexPatch: Fast and Accurate Object Detection for On-device High-Resolution Live Video Analytics [5]

6. AoI-minimal UAV Crowdsensing by Model-based Graph Convolutional Reinforcement Learning [6]

7. RouteNet-Erlang: A Graph Neural Network for Network Performance Evaluation [7]

8. Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based Control Framework for Radio Access Networks [8]

9. NeuLens: Spatial-based Dynamic Acceleration of Convolutional Neural Networks on Edge [9]

10. FeCo: Boosting Intrusion Detection Capability in IoT Networks via Contrastive Learning [10]

11. TrojanFlow: A Neural Backdoor Attack to Deep Learning-based Network Traffic Classifiers [11]

12. Mousika: Enable General In-Network Intelligence in Programmable Switches by Knowledge Distillation [12]

13. Ekya: Continuous Learning of Video Analytics Models on Edge Compute Servers [13]

14. Top-K Deep Video Analytics: A Probabilistic Approach [14]

15. Delay-Aware Microservice Coordination in Mobile Edge Computing: A Reinforcement Learning Approach [15]

16. Dynamic Scheduling for Stochastic Edge-Cloud Computing Environments Using A3C Learning and Residual Recurrent Neural Networks [16]

17. Multi-Task Federated Learning for Personalised Deep Neural Networks in Edge Computing [17]

18. Leveraging Deep Reinforcement Learning With Attention Mechanism for Virtual Network Function Placement and Routing [18]

19. Pyramid: Enabling Hierarchical Neural Networks with Edge Computing [19]

20. Index-aware reinforcement learning for adaptive video streaming at the wireless edge [20]


W1: Open Talk (13.4)

W2: Select papers and create schedule

W4: Paper ID:

W6: ...

W8: ...

W10: ...

W12: ...

W14: ..

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Final Presentation (xx.07)

  • Paper Title:
  • Paper Title:

Report deadline

Final Presentations & Report

  • Final Registration in FlexNow: To Be Announced (TBA).

  • Final Presentation:
    • Each for ~20 minutes, plus ~10 minutes Q&A

  • Final Presentation Slots:
    • To Be Announced (TBA)