Computer Networks (Summer 2015)

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Imbox content.png The final exam grade will be available on FlexNow soon. If you have any issue on the grade and would like to check the original exam with the TA, please write Narisu Tao an email for an appointment. Thanks!
Workload/ECTS Credits: 120h, 4 ECTS (old PO), 5 ECTS (new PO)
Module: B.Inf.902: Telematik (old), B.Inf.1204.Telematik/Computernetzwerke (new)
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Teaching assistant: Hong Huang,Narisu Tao
Time: EXAM: Monday, 2015 June 22th, 10.00 AM
Place: GZG MN 08
UniVZ [1]

Imbox content.png This is an exam only course. There will be no regular lectures. Please regularly check this page in case something changes.

Course description

Principles and basic understanding of computer networking, with an emphasis on the Internet. Topics include: the concepts and components of computer networks, protocol engineering and formal specification basis, packet switching, layered architectures, TCP/IP, error control, window flow control, local area networks, network layer and mobility, transport layer and congestion control, Quality of Service and multimedia networking, network management and security, and an introduction to current research topics. After this course students should have general knowledge on basic concepts of networking, how the Internet works and basic network programming.


  • to be determined
  • Final date to register for the exam: 1st June, 2015


Please see the lecture slides, exercises and notes of the Wintersemester: Computer Networks (Winter 2014/2015).


Additional References

Other Resources

  • Movie: "Warriors of the Net" [2]


  • Computer Science I, II; basic familiarity with UNIX and C.

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