Computer Networks (Summer 2020)

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Workload/ECTS Credits: 5 ECTS
Module: B.Inf.902: Telematik (old), B.Inf.1204.Telematik/Computernetzwerke (new)
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Xiaoming Fu
Teaching assistant: Yachao Shao, MSc.
Time: 16:00-18:00 03.08.2020
Place: ZHG011 lecture hall
UniVZ [1]

Imbox content.png Note: Our university has a checklist for conducting exam in person safely. Please read it before attending the exam. Here is the link [2]
Imbox content.png This is an exam only course. There will be no regular lectures. Please regularly check this page in case something changes.
Imbox content.png Note: Please registe this course on FlexNow one week before final exam!!!
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