Practical Course Networking Lab (Summer 2011)

This course offers students a hands-on approach to computer networking. The students are given practical tasks from the area of computer networks which they have to solve in a small team. The course aims to familiarize the students with practical issues of computer network setup, configuration, operation and maintenance.

NET Teaching Lab where this course takes place.


Workload/ECTS Credits: 180h, 6 ECTS
Module: B.Inf.802/803/804: Fachpraktikum I/II/III
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Teaching assistant: Mayutan Arumaithurai Sufian Hameed Konglin Zhu
Time: Friday, 15 April 2011, 14.15-15.15 (organizational meeting)
Place: IfI 3.101
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This course requires fair overall knowledge of networking protocols. The exercises will be done using the Linux operating system and Cisco routers.

It is recommended to have attended the following courses prior to taking this one:

  • Telematik

Organization and Examination

Informational meeting

At the beginning of a semester there will be an organizational meeting. Please see the schedule of the corresponding semester for the exact date. At the organizational meeting we will give an introduction to the lab course including a tour of the actual lab and form the lab teams.

Lab teams

The students will conduct the practical course in small teams. A team normally consist of 2 students. Teams will be formed at the informational meeting at the beginning of the course.

Weekly exercises and written reports

The course consists of weekly exercises related to computer networks. Each team is expected to complete those exercises and compile a short written report every week.

Passing requirements

  • Complete all the labs and submit the lab report on time
  • Participate in a final personal-meeting/feedback-round with Professor. Please talk to your course supervisors and arrange a meeting in the period from 4th July 2011 to 17th July 2011.

Lab Slots

The Lab will be available exclusively to each team within allocated time slots. Please reserve a time slot for your team with the responsible Teaching Assistant.

During the semester:

Weekly allocated lab slots from 18th Apr 2011 until 17 Jul 2011
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Johannes Widenka, Sebastian Groß Erik Merker, Sinan Yilmaz Pascal Schnitt, Christian Voss Julian Rueger, Mischa Veigt Available Available

During the semester break (Blockkurs):

Blocks of two weeks between 18 July 2011 and 15 october 2011 (The course will be offered during WiSe 2011/2012 too)
18th Jul - 31st Jul 1st Aug - 14 Aug 15th Aug - 28th Aug 29th Aug - 11th Sep 12th Sep - 25th Sep 26th Sep - 9th Oct
(Supervisor: ) (Supervisor: Sufian) Bartlomiej Marzec, Markus Matoni (Supervisor: Konglin) (Supervisor: Lei) Christoph Rauterberg, Henrik tom Wörden(Supervisor: Jiachen)

Course Materials

The course is based on the book "Mastering Networks - An Internet Lab Manual" by Jörg Liebeherr and Magda El Zarki.

You find all the relevant course material in the Networking Lab Wiki.