NSH Routing: Implementation of Network Service Headers to realize the service chain by steering traffic across the VNFs.

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Project Work

Focus of this project is to realize a service plane as illustrated in the NSH RFC [1] using the SDN controller of your choice. Ryu, Pox, OpenDayLight, Floodlight, etc.
Work primarily involves the following tasks:

  1. Understand the NSH proposal. refer to the RFC [2].
  2. Pick the SDN controller of your choice. Python based Ryu/Pox or Java based ONOS, ODL, OpenDaylight controllers.
  3. Implementa the base NSH - a dedicated service plane for function chaining and validate simple use cases.


  1. Pick the existing NSH implementations for the ONOS and ODL (listed below) and design for optimization.
  2. NSH has high overheads, it can be further optimized to address efficient routing by lowering the SDN flow entries and reducing the per packet header bytes.

There are ongoing projects in ONOS and OpenDaylight community for implementing the NSH.
You can leverage on these available implementations and focus on the optimization part instead*.
We already have one such design for optimizing NSH. If interested, you can discuss with our team and implement it.

Document Links

[1] NSH RFC [3]
[2] SFC Use cases [4]
[3] ONOS SFC Project: [5]
[4] ODL SFC Project: [6]