Advanced Computer Networks (Summer 2014)

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Imbox content.png If you want to have insight into your exam, you can do so on Tuesday, Oct 7 2014, 13.00-14.15, in room IFI 3.111
Workload/ECTS Credits: 120h, 6 ECTS (old PO), 6 ECTS (new PO), 5 (ITIS)
Module: M.Inf.1222.Mp, M.Inf.1223.Mp (see Networking Study Plan), M.Inf.221.3C1 OR 3.17: Selected Topics in Advanced Networking (ITIS)
Lecturer: Prof. Xiaoming Fu, Dr. Mayutan Arumaithurai, Dr. Stephan Sigg
Teaching assistant: David Koll
Time: Thursdays, 10-12am, Exam: Thu., July 24th, 10-12am, Room: GZG MN14 [1]
Place: IFI 3.101
UniVZ [2]

Course description

This lecture will introduce advanced concepts of computer networking to interested students. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • P2P Networks
  • Cloud Computing
  • Social Networks
  • Content Centric Networking

For each topic, basic structures, features, applied techniques and security aspects will be taught.


Date Topic Slides
24.04.2014 Introduction / Peer-to-Peer Networks pdf
01.05.2014 NO LECTURE
08.05.2014 Cloud Computing I pdf
15.05.2014 Cloud Computing II pdf
22.05.2014 Cloud Computing III pdf
22.05.2014 Guest Talk Ruediger Geib [Content not part of exam!] [3]
29.05.2014 NO LECTURE
05.06.2014 ICN I pdf
12.06.2014 ICN II pdf
19.06.2014 ICN III pdf (Binary: [4] see binary folder)
26.06.2014 Wireless I pdf
03.07.2014 Wireless II pdf
10.07.2014 Social Networks I pdf
17.07.2014 Social Networks II pdf
24.07.2014 Written Examination


  • Computer Science I, II; Computer Networks